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There's only a Handful

An article by John Rodden

This machine (pictured right) is a 1942 universal carrier No.3 Mk1, produced by Ford during the war and is owned by Richard Harrison of North Shields. Once restored this will be one of a handful left in the UK and perhaps the only universal carrier in the North East which will be fully running.

Richard told us that he purchased this machine from Canada as scrap. After the war she had been sold to a logging firm who removed her armour and used her as a log skidder until she broke down, at which point she was abandoned. 

Richard says;
"She was later found and recovered from the tundra about 10 years ago from the chap I bought her from; I then had the nightmare task of shipping her home."

Richard now has the job of setting around 200 3/8" steel rivets which is where his Hobbyweld oxygen and propane rig comes in. Richard told us that the restoration came about after researching his grandfather's history.

Pictured on the right is Richards grandfather in 1942 at Inneskillen.

 "My grandfather served in the 2nd battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers 5th division and later the 2/4 KOYLI 46th division where he drove the exact same vehicle through Iraq/Persia, India, Madagascar, North Africa and later Italy. This machine will be a lasting memory to him and will be restored in his regiment's colours and his vehicles numbers."

When completed the carrier will be fully useable and will be registered for use on the road. Richard intends to take the machine to veteran events and raise awareness for those who served during the conflict as well as telling his grandfather's story of his involvement during World War 2.

I'm personally looking forward to seeing the finished product, Good Luck Richard!

Here's how the project is coming along so far;

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