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Back from the Brink

An article by John Rodden

Just Kampers were missing an Early Bay to complete their line-up of classic VW vans and buses. The Just Kampers bay was liberated from California's famous Pomona Swap Meet by JK director and VeeDub enthusiast Pete Dempsey. It cost Pete just $800! Pictured just three months into its rat-look resto, the 'project' bus looks a lot less crusty thanks to a reconditioned 1641cc Vege engine, Weber carb conversion and stainless steel exhaust system. It looks a lot cooler too - with lowered suspension and patina-style signwriting on the side, suitably faded to fit the aged look. Now resting on new Empi Dish style wheels, the van has undergone a renaissance at the hands of the boys (and girls!) at Just Kampers, with no shortage of enthusiasts and in-house experts keen to lend Pete a hand in reviving a classic. Along with the best of care, it's getting the pick of the parts from Just Kampers comprehensive warehouse. Need a Westfalia louvered window knob circa 1968? Theirs did - and, of course, they had it!

Visit the Just Kampers Facebook page for a full pictorial history of Crusty-Van's restoration.

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