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An article by Stephen Atkinson

Loosens, Lubricates, Protects & Cleans.

Hobbyweld are excited to announce their new partnership with XCP Corrosion Technologies (XCP Professional). The XCP Professional line of products offer second to none lubricants for maintenance, lubrication and rust protection covering a diverse range of sectors - from vehicle maintenance and restoration to offshore and aerospace.

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The XCP range is endorsed by celebrity car restoration specialists, Fuzz Townshend (Car S.O.S.) and Edd China (Wheeler Dealers)


XCP™ ONE™ delivers marketing leading performance when it comes to tackling a wide range of jobs and applications, highlighting in particular the penetration and release of rusted and seized parts.

In 2O12 the UK's Automobile Association (TheAA) selected XCP™ ONE™ as their preferred multipurpose spray to help keep their 15 million members moving on our roads.

Up To 5O% Improved Loosening - Up To 45% Improved Lubrication


The XCP™ LUBRICATE & PROTECT™ offers superior lubrication, reduced friction, minimized wear and extra protection against rust and corrosion, XCP™ LUBRICATE & PROTECT™ is the result of years of experience in demanding industrial environments around the world.


Up To 6O% Reduced Wear



The XCP™ RUST BLOCKER™ provides the next level in rust prevention and long lasting, maximum protection against rust and corrosion.

No job is too big or too small thanks to RUST BLOCKER™'s proven ability to protect against rust and corrosion in the most challenging conditions.


Up To 5OOx Longer Rust Protection



The XCP™ GREEN ONE™ is made from >99% bio-based ingredients without any compromise on its quality.

These ingredients are derived from renewable, sustainable resources instead of being processed out of crude oil.

XCP™ GREEN ONE™ is the first market leading multipurpose spray to NOT negatively impact our environment.

Up To 45% Improved Loosening - Up To 5O% Improved Lubrication


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