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Ultra Acetylene

After huge demand, Acetylene is now available in a 15.9 litre cylinder, over 3 times larger than our Original cylinder!

Regulator For Life

Our Ultra Acetylene cylinder is fitted with a fully adjustable gas regulator which is maintained by us, meaning you never need to replace your regulators again.

Flow Gauge - showing current Acetylene flow rate
Contents Gauge - showing the cylinder content pressure
On/Off Valve - an easy to access on/off valve
Easy Connection - a quick action coupling for fast connection
Flow Control - a large flow control knob to adjust gas flow rate

A quick-action coupling is also provided with your first cylinder, free of charge.


Technical Features;

The larger cylinder capacity has the added benefit of increasing the maximum offtake (now up to 607 litres per hour) this means you can now use larger nozzles;

• For cutting, a 1.6 AFN nozzle can be used, giving you the power to cut up to 50mm steel.

• For welding, a #25 nozzle can be used which is great for welding sheet metal up to 8.2mm.

Download our welding and cutting nozzle consumption guide.

View the Ultra Acetylene Ultra Here

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