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Our blog highlights all of our events, news and information as well as showcases the work of our passionate and valued customers. The more and more we speak to you, the more fascinated we are with the skills, projects and quality of your work. What's more amazing, is the sheer number of applications that you're using the Hobbyweld gas cylinders for. Don't hesitate to take a little peek and please don't forget to share your stories with us - drop us an email; info@hobbyweld.co.uk

Blog Articles:

Ultra Acetylene

Acetylene is now available in a 15.9 litre cylinder, that’s over 3 times larger than our ‘Original’ cylinder. Read More

NEC Classic Car Show 2016

Another successful year at the NEC Birmingham Lancaster Classic Car Show! Read More

XCP Professional

Second to none lubricants for maintenance, lubrication and rust protection - Hobbyweld are excited to announce their new partnership with XCP Professional. Read More

First Impressions

This month we speak to Rob Ostle, who has the distinct memory of being the coolest kid on earth! Read More

Classic Car Memories

Having a think back about the cars you’ve owned in the past can bring back some great memories, can’t they? Read More

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