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About Hobbyweld

Dixons of Westerhope Ltd, established in 1978 is one of the largest gas suppliers in the UK offering a wide range of gas mixes to industrial users and pubs & clubs around the North East of England and the borders. In 2OO5, Dixons opened a second branch in Glasgow trading under the name of SIG Industrial Gases which covers Southern Scotland.

After several years of supplying large industrial gases to our customers, we discovered a need for a rent free cylinder for the light, occasional user. Following this, we started to supply the 9 litre Hobbyweld cylinder you see today.

Responding to demand, Hobbyweld was launched nationally in April 2O11 to cater for the DIY user who could not financially justify renting gas cylinders. We have continued to grow throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland offering gas cylinders at affordable prices with no rental charges. Currently we have over 185 agents (figure from August 2O14) to collect cylinders from and our range has expanded to include 10 professional gas mixes and a core range of welding consumables.

Our objectives are to mainatin a high standard of product and further increase our number of agents to provide a convenient, cost effective and reliable service for the Hobbyweld users to refill their cylinder.

In early 2O13 we invested heavily in our fill plant to increase its production capacity and give security of supply for our customers.

In the constant pursuit of improving our product, the 1Oth of March 2O14 saw Dixons of Westerhope Ltd approved by the Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance to ISO 9OO1:2O15 Quality Management System Standards - Covering the blending and supply of bottle industrial and beverage gases and the supply of welding equipment and associated consumables.

August 2O14 marks the introduction of our ULTRA gas cylinder range, the largest nationally available rent free gas cylinder on the UK market.


Our Team

Back in April 2O11, when Hobbyweld was 'unveiled to the world' our team consisted of just 2 members, John and Susan.

John focussed on bringing new agents on board, looking after the advertising, updating the website and hitting the road on a wide variety of exhibitions while Susan looked after the increasing number of new agent accounts, organised the transport of gas cylinders across the UK and Ireland and answered all of your calls to us.

In May 2O13 we welcomed Craig on board who took the place of John as Business Development Manager, Craig now looks after and has built up our network of agents from 111 to over 17O in the first year of being on the team, leaving John to focus on his Media and Marketing role in the company.

February 2O14 marked the arrival of Michelle who now helps Susan in the office as Accounts Administrator and makes up our current team total of 4 who solely work on the Hobbyweld department.

In April 2O15, we welcomed our first apprentice - Alexandra. She will be helping Susan and Michelle with the Sales and Accounts Administration.

In July 2O17, Kerry came on board with Hobbyweld to assist with the administration.

March 2O18, Hobbyweld welcomed 2 new team leaders on board, Katie and Angie, who took the place of Alexandra as Hobbyweld Department Leader; Leaving Alexandra to focus on the Marketing and Development of our companies.

Of course Hobbyweld couldn't be the same without help from the fill plant staff, drivers and parts department at Dixons of Westerhope.

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