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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ are here to help. Please have a browse though and hopefully your question will be answered. If you still have questions, please email us at or call 0800 433 4331 and our team can assist.

General FAQ

Who owns Hobbyweld?

Hobbyweld is a division of Dixons Gas Ltd.


Dixons Gas is a large, well established industrial gas company in the UK; providing industrial, cellar and LPG gases throughout the North East, Borders and Central Scotland.

How old do I have to be to purchase a gas cylinder?

You need to be at least 18 years old to purchase a Hobbyweld cylinder.

Will there be an agent near me soon?

We are looking for potential agents who have a business which fits with Hobbyweld. If you know of a company near you who may be interested in stocking our products please feel free to send us their details, or better still, let them know about us.


Alternatively, let us know the area you live in, so we can focus efforts on setting up an agent there.

I haven’t got a Hobbyweld cylinder, can you fill my old bottles?

It is illegal for anyone to fill a cylinder which belongs to another gas company, as we have no record of cylinder tests, age or contents – these must be repatriated with their rightful owner.


In short, unfortunately not.

Deposit FAQ

Once I pay my deposit, does the cylinder belong to me?

No. Cylinders always belong to Hobbyweld, this also means that we are responsible for the cylinder maintenance. However, there are no time restraints on how long you keep the Hobbyweld cylinder.

Why is the Acetylene deposit more expensive?

Acetylene cylinders cost much more to manufacture. The gas cylinder contains a porous filling and the acetylene is dissolved in an acetone to produce the gas you withdraw. If we could make it cheaper, we honestly would.

What administration charges apply to the deposit return?

An administration charge will be applied when returning your cylinder for a refund, of £10 +VAT for all cylinders purchased on or after 1st February 2019.

For cylinders purchased before this date, the following admin charges apply:

Original – £10 +VAT
Plus – £10 +VAT
Ultra – £15 +VAT
Acetylene (all sizes) – £30 +VAT

What happens if I lose my copy of the deposit form?

Unfortunately, you will be unable to receive a refund without your original deposit form as proof of purchase. The requirement of deposit forms for refund is an additional security measure to discourage theft of Hobbyweld cylinders in private households.

Please keep this safe!

Do I have to reclaim my deposit from the same stockist I bought my first cylinder from?

No, you can use any agent, providing you have your original deposit form (except for Acetylene – some agents have no applicable insurance to keep the product on site).

Do I have to pay another deposit if I need a spare cylinder?

Yes, this will need to be paid for each additional cylinder.

How much is the deposit?

We have two variations of gas cylinder, high pressure and dissolved acetylene – these are each available in 3 sizes (small, medium and large)

For high pressure cylinders, the following deposit charges apply:

Original (small) – £70
Plus (medium) – £110
Ultra (large) – £190

For our dissolved acetylene cylinders, the following deposit charges apply:

Original (small) – £120
Plus (medium) – £160
Ultra (large) – £255

VAT is not charged on deposits.

Cylinder FAQ

How do I order my first cylinder?

It’s best to deal directly with your local Hobbyweld agent, they’re all friendly and happy to help. If you don’t have a local stockist, contact us as we may be able to assist.

Will my regulator fit your cylinder?

Our Hobbyweld ORIGINAL and PLUS cylinders are fitted with standard industrial gas valves used by companies such as BOC, Air Products, Air Liquide & Dixons Gas Ltd. If you have been using an industrial gas cylinder previously, your regulators will fit. If you are currently using disposable cylinders, you will require an adaptor hose and a regulator.


The Hobbyweld ULTRA cylinder is fitted with a built-in regulator. Instead, attach your hoses directly a quick action coupling, these are available to purchase from your local agent.


Lastly, if you are using Oxygen and Acetylene – we strongly advise using a flash back arrestor as well as a regulator to connect to our cylinders.

Can I exchange between gas mixes?

Yes. Providing the cylinder deposit value is the same, you can swap between gas mixes.

My local agent doesn't stock Acetylene, why?

Unfortunately, some of our agents are unable to carry Acetylene as their building insurance does not permit it. We would advise calling your nearest agent/s prior to pick up to make sure they have your chosen product in stock.

Do I have to refill at the same agent?

No, our system is designed that you can use any agent which is most convenient; This is especially handy if you’re a mobile welder, you move to a new house or we allocate a new agent closer to you. Locate your nearest agent today.

How many disposable cartridges are your cylinders equivalent to?

The Hobbyweld ORIGINAL cylinder is equivalent to approximately 21 disposable gas cartridges.


Hobbyweld PLUS cylinder is equivalent to approximately 79 disposable gas cartridges.


The Hobbyweld ULTRA cylinder is equivalent to approximately 100 disposable gas cartridges.

Why is my gas pressure lower when it’s cold?

Gas expands as temperature increases and vice versa. As the ambient temperature drops, it will result in a lower pressure reading. Hobbyweld cylinder pressure ratings are filled based on 15ºC.


Please note: Carbon Dioxide and Acetylene cylinders are not filled by pressure – pressure readings should never be used to determine whether or not these cylinders are full.

My gas isn’t lasting long, what should I do?

Perform a check on your system for leaks, if a leak cannot be found it may be that you have your flow rate set too high. Make sure you turn the cylinder off by its valve when you are finished using it, as even a small leak can empty your cylinder surprisingly quickly.

There is an empty sign on my cylinder, does this mean it’s empty?

Most likely not. Sometimes, cylinders may become defaced, but we try our best to remove what we can.

In the unlikely event of purchasing a faulty cylinder, what should you do?

Your sales contract is with the company you purchased your gas fill from. Take your cylinder back to the agent as soon as possible. We issue each reported cylinder with a faulty label and reference code to ensure traceability. Once the cylinder has been returned and tested, if found faulty, a credit can be given to the agent, it is then up to that agent to issue a refund to you.


Please bear with us as this process can take some time to complete, though if a fault is found it will result in immediate action.

Do cylinders have an expiry date?

Gas cylinders require a test usually every 10 years, a ‘test ring’ is located around the cylinder valve which indicates when it should next be tested. Cylinders are safe to use after the date has passed, however they won’t be refilled after being returned to us until they have been retested. We are responsible for the re-testing of our gas cylinders and you won’t have to pay a penny.

How do I return an unwanted cylinder?

You can return your cylinder to any of our agents for a refund on your deposit. You must have your original deposit form to reclaim any money. Alternatively, agents can accept cylinders back without a deposit form, but no money will be returned to yourself.

Cylinder Technical Information

For more details on our cylinders, please see our cylinder technical information.

Handling and Storage FAQ

Can I transfer gas from one cylinder to another?

Never! Not only is this illegal, it can result in catastrophic accidents.

Handling, Storage and Transportation guidelines

Please read our guidelines below for all the information you may require: