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Hobbyweld 5

As the most popular MIG welding gas mix, there are an abundance of benefits this gas can provide.

Hobbyweld 15

As this gas has been given the name ‘universal’ gas by customers, this shows that the gas can be used for many applications.


Argon is typically suitable for most TIG welding applications providing a capability of welding at any depth.


Oxygen is commonly and traditionally used with a fuel gas for cutting, welding, brazing and soldering.


Acetylene is the hottest and most efficient fuel gas on the market, making it the preferred product for many applications.

Oxygen and Acetylene

When combining Oxygen (O2) and Acetylene (DA) in a welding torch, it can reach temperatures in excess of 3000ºC.


Nitrogen is a popular purging gas bought by refrigeration engineers and vehicle air conditioning firms.


Our Helium cylinders have the capability to fill a massive number of balloons, making it a perfect choice for all events.

Carbon Dioxide (Industrial Grade)

Carbon dioxide is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as hydroponics, aquatic gardening and sometimes welding.

Hobbybrew Beverage Gas

Our Hobbybrew rent free beverage gas range is suitable for use either at home or professionally.

Quick Action Couplings

Quick action couplings are designed for use with the Ultra range and 3/8" hose fitting.


Our regulators are single stage, dual gauge which comes complete with a custom content gauge.