Carbon Dioxide (Food Grade)

Food Grade Carbon Dioxide can be used for drinks dispense use; either at home or professionally in a pub, club, bar or restaurant.

It is used primarily to carbonate drinks, but is also used as a propellant to push the drink syrup along the drink lines through your pump and into your glass. Our Food Grade Carbon Dioxide cylinders are clearly labelled with FG to separate them from the other gas cylinders which reduces the risk of cross contamination within the cylinder vessel.

If you are looking for carbon dioxide for other purposes than what is outlined above, please see our Industrial Grade Carbon Dioxide.

Please contact your local agent for prices and availability.

Cylinder Dimensions
Cylinder Capacities

Cylinder Dimensions

Original (Small)

840 mm
160 mm
Tare Weight (approx.)
13.7 kg

Cylinder Capacities

Original (Small)

Water Capacity
9 litre
Gas Weight
6 kg
Cylinder Outlet
0.860" x 14 TPI RH Male

Hobbyweld Cylinder Deposit

The Hobbyweld Cylinder Deposit is a one-off, refundable charge - paid alongside the gas fill for your first cylinder. There is no limit to how long you keep the cylinder and you can exchange it as often or as little as you like.

If you need to return the cylinder, take it to any Hobbyweld stockist for a refund (note: You will need your deposit form and a small admin charge applies).

A cost effective alternative for occasional use when compared to monthly or annual rental charges.

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