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Carbon Dioxide (Food Grade)

Carbon Dioxide Food Grade can be used for drinks dispense use, either at home or professionally.

It is used primarily to carbonate drinks, but is also used as a propellant (to push your drink through your drinks lines through your pump and into your glass. These cylinders are labelled to separate them from the other carbon dioxide gas cylinders, reducing the chance of cross contamination.

If you are looking for carbon dioxide for other purposes that what is outlined above, please see our Carbon Dioxide Industrial Grade.

Cylinder Sizes

Cylinder Sizes


Gas Capacity
Water Capacity
9 litres

Hobbyweld Cylinder Deposit

The Hobbyweld Cylinder Deposit is a one-off, refundable charge. There is no limit to how long you keep the cylinder and you can exchange it as often or as little as you like.

If you need to return the cylinder, take it to any Hobbyweld stockist for a refund (note: You will need your deposit form and a small admin charge applies).

A cost effective alternative for occasional use when compared to monthly or annual rental charges.

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