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  • Will my regulator fit your cylinder?

    Our Hobbyweld Original cylinders are fitted with standard industrial gas valves used by companies such as BOC, Air Products, Air Liquide & Dixons of Westerhope Ltd. If you have been using an industrial gas cylinder previously, your regulators will fit.

    The Hobbyweld Ultra cylinder is fitted with a built in regulator, instead, attach your hoses directly to the quick action coupling provided.

    Lastly, if you are currently using disposable cylinders, you will require an adaptor hose (for Original & Ultra cylinders) and a regulator (Original cylinders only).

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  • Why is the acetylene deposit more expensive?

    Unfortunately, acetylene cylinders cost much more to manufacture. The gas cylinder contains a porous filling and the acetylene is dissolved in an acetone to produce the gas you withdraw. If we could make it cheaper, we honestly would.

  • Once I pay for my cylinder, does it belong to me?

    No. Cylinders belong to Hobbyweld at all times, this also means that we are responsible for the cylinders maintenance. However, there are no time restraints on how long you keep the Hobbyweld cylinder.

  • My new cylinder seems lighter than the last, is that normal?

    The weight of the container may vary but content remains the same.

  • In the unlikely event of you purchasing a faulty cylinder, what should you do?

    Your sales contract is with the company your purchased your gas fill from, take your cylinder back to the agent as soon as possible. We issue each reported cylinder with a faulty label and reference code to ensure traceability. Once the cylinder has been returned and tested, if found faulty, a credit can be given to the agent, it is then up to that agent to issue a refund to you. Please bear with us as this process can take anywhere from 1 week to 2 months, this is due to the collection times of empty cylinders, if a fault is found it will result in immediate action.

  • I think my cylinder has been underfilled, what should I do?

    Unlike our filling equipment, which have certified gauges which are routinely calibrated, typical gas contents gauges on your regulator are not, even the slightest knocks can effect them - if it reads less than 2/3 of stated pressure, it may be worth returning the cylinder to your local stockist for us to check.

  • I haven't got a Hobbyweld cylinder, can you fill my old bottles?

    Sorry, but it is illegal for anyone to fill a cylinder which belongs to another gas company, as we have no record of cylinder tests, age or contents - these must be repatriated with their rightful owner.

  • How do I return an unwanted cylinder?

    You can return your cylinder to any of our agents for a refund on your deposit. You must have your original deposit form to reclaim any money. An admin charge will be applied when returning your cylinder for a refund of;

    £10 +VAT for Original 9 litre cylinders
    £15 +VAT for Ultra 20 litre cylinders
    £30 +VAT for Original Acetylene cylinders


  • How do I order my first cylinder?

    It's best to deal direct with your local Hobbyweld agent, they're all friendly and happy to help. If you don't have a local stockist, contact us as we may be able to assist.

  • Do your cylinders have an expiry date?

    Gas cylinders require a test usually every 10 years, a 'test ring' is located around the cylinder valve which indicates when it should next be tested. Cylinders are safe to use after the date has passed, however they won't be refilled after being returned to us until they have been retested.

  • Do I need to pay another deposit if I need a spare cylinder?

    Yes, this will need to be paid for each additional cylinder.

  • Can I swap my Hobbyweld 15 for a Hobbyweld 5 on the same deposit form?

    Yes, providing the cylinder deposit value is the same, you can swap between gas mixes.

  • Are all cylinders the same size?

    Physical dimensions may vary slightly but contents remain the same.

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