Hobbyweld Plus Range

Cylinder Capacity

The 20 litre HP Plus range are filled to a pressure of 230 bar, that’s the same pressure typically found supplied in rental cylinders. A 20 litre Hobbyweld 5 Plus cylinder would provide you with around 360 minutes(1) of continuous welding time.

For the acetylene users, our 10 litre DA cylinder is filled with 1,746g of product. The 10 litre acetylene Plus would provide approximately 740 minutes(2) of continuous welding time.

If you’ve been using our smaller Original rent free gas cylinders and find your refilling trips are becoming more frequent, our mid-sized cylinders are a great choice. Progression onto the Plus range is simple and requires very little investment.

The Plus cylinder range is particularly suited for use in the workshop and is in fact proving popular with higher volume users who want a spare cylinder on standby for out of hours gas runouts.



Hobbyweld Plus cylinders are fitted with industry standard valves – the same valves you would typically find on larger industrial gas cylinders.

plus hobbyweld 5 valve



5/8” BSP right-hand female
Fitted to Hobbyweld 5, Hobbyweld 15, Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Helium








5/8” BSP left-hand female
Fitted to Dissolved Acetylene

In line with The Acetylene Safety Regulations 2014. FBAs (Flash Back Arrestors) and regulators must be fitted when connected to acetylene equipment. Hobbyweld cannot be held responsible for the misuse of these products.




 (1) Hobbyweld 5 MIG welding time based on a setting of 14 litres per minute.
(2) Acetylene welding time based on a setting of 142 litres per hour using a number 5 welding nozzle.