Hobbyweld Ultra Range

Cylinder Capacity 

Although the 20 litre Ultra range has the same physical size as it’s Plus counterpart, there is a 30% increase in contents due to the increased pressure. Hobbyweld 5, Hobbyweld 15 and argon are filled to 300 bar, the Ultra oxygen is currently filled to 230 bar.

The increased pressure makes them the most cost effective in terms of refill value and they last a whole lot longer than similar products on the market, providing 460 minutes(1) of continuous welding time out of a Hobbyweld 5 welding gas cylinder.

For the rent free acetylene user, the 15.9 litre cylinder is filled with 2,805g of product giving a raw, uninterrupted welding time of 1070 minutes(2).

The Ultra cylinder stands firmly at the peak of rent-free gas products in terms of quality, technology, size and value. The truth is, if you’re a high-volume user requiring a larger cylinder, you should reconsider the rental option.



Hobbyweld Ultra cylinders are fitted with a VIPR valve – this valve is fully adjustable and requires a quick-action coupling to connect to your equipment. Couplings are available to purchase from any Hobbyweld agent.

ultra argon valve




EN-561 Inert Quick Action Coupling – with 3/8” BSP right-hand male outlet
Fitted to Hobbyweld 5, Hobbyweld 15, and Argon




ultra oxygen valve




EN-561 Oxygen Quick Action Coupling – with 3/8” BSP right-hand male outlet
Fitted to Oxygen




ultra acetylene valve



EN-561 Flammable Quick Action Coupling – with 3/8” BSP left-hand male outlet
Fitted to Dissolved Acetylene

In line with The Acetylene Safety Regulations 2014. FBAs (Flash Back Arrestors) and regulators must be fitted when connected to acetylene equipment. Hobbyweld cannot be held responsible for the misuse of these products.




(1) Hobbyweld 5 MIG welding time based on a setting of 14 litres per minute.
(2) Acetylene welding time based on a setting of 142 litres per hour using a number 5 welding nozzle.