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Upcycling Warning

An article by John Rodden

After reading the news section on the Calor Gas Press Centre and Hobbyweld being a fellow gas cylinder supplier, I thought it was important to share this piece of information.

After a number of recent police interventions throughout the UK and Ireland, UKLPG, is warning budding artists and home renovators to think twice before cutting up old gas cylinders for their projects.

As well as the safety implications, tampering with cylinders or attempting to change their use is an unlawful offence which may result in legal action being taken against the perpetrator. Throughout the duration of their lives, gas cylinders remain the propery of the gas cylinder company and should always be returned.

This information is applicable to all gas cylinders. Please stay safe and use cylinders for what they are designed for.

From our FAQ;
Once I pay for my cylinder, does it belong to me?
No. Cylinders belong to Hobbyweld at all times, this also means that we are responsible for the cylinders maintenance. However, there are no time restraints on how long you keep a Hobbyweld cylinder.


Thanks for taking the time to read this information, hope you found it useful.

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