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Hobbyweld 5 Gas Review

Article by John Rodden

Over the past 4 years I've met many customers at trade shows and I get a lot of positive feedback (which is great!) However, I wanted to find a platform for someone to give an honest review, what better platform than YouTube - that's where I came across Gary and his metalworking videos.

Gary Huston is a Farrier, Blacksmith, Welder and General Fabricator, he also enjoys creating YouTube videos showcasing his projects and explaining the way he makes them.

I sent Gary one of our Hobbyweld 5 MIG welding gas cylinders for him to test out and I hope you find it interesting, maybe you can pick up some of his handy tips.

I will be contacting Gary next month and hopefully i'll get back to you with a follow up blog post. If there's anything you would like to know i'll ask Gary if you can drop me an email to questions@hobbyweld.co.uk.

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