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A Beginners Guide to Welding Safety

Safety in any industry is a key aspect of everyday tasks and welding is no different. Learning to weld with safety in mind is a skill in which all beginners will need to learn. We have teamed up with TradesmenTricks.com to look into each item of safety equipment and breakdown how they assist with Welding.

Welding Shield

Face and eye protection when welding is vital as when your welding you could experience a burning sensation or eye irritation from brief exposure from ‘Arc Flash’. Repeated exposure can cause more lasting damage, so protection through a welding shield is vital.


Welding helmets are designed to protect your face, eyes and neck from welding spray which has the ability to cause severe damage. You’ll need a welding helmet which will be comfortable to use as well as offer the maximum level of protection, if you're investing any money in upgrading your equipment, we recommend purchasing a good quality welding helmet.


Powered Respirators

A powered respirator provides protection from harmful fumes when welding. If you are working for extended periods, we recommend wearing a respirator.


Sparks and harmful UV radiation is generated when welding and it can hit any part of the body, which will naturallyt cause damage to your skin. Wearing coveralls made from flame resistant materials is a much better option than a shorts and t-shirt combination, which will provide no protection at all.


Leather and kevlar make a perfect choice for welding gloves as they are resistant to flames and are able to protect against sparks and heat. We recommend that you buy quality gloves which fit comfortably and are made to EN 12477 standards, after all, you only have one pair of hands, it's worth spending that extra £5 for additional protection.



Finally, we have footwear, an item which many people forget. Footwear should be made of materials which are resistant to damage when subjected to heat. We recommend boots over trainers as they hold more stability and are usually made of better materials.


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