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Handling Guidance

• When required, wear suitable safety shoes and other personal protective equipment when handling gas cylinders
• Carry cylinders close to your body to reduce stress on your back
• Gas cylinders should not be raised or lowered on the forks of lift trucks unless precautions are taken to prevent them from falling
• It is advisable to use a trolley if moving several cylinders to reduce risk of injury
• Do not drop, roll or drag gas cylinders
• Do not attempt to lift cylinders if they are located in a position where you have to lean over or stretch to carry them, this can cause back strain
• Use the correct techniques for lifting heavy objects
• Ensure that the valve is protected by a shroud that has been designed to withstand impact if the cylinder is dropped
• Fit suitable protective caps and covers to cylinders, when necessary, before transporting. Caps and covers help prevent moisture and dirt from gathering in the valve of the cylinder, in addition to providing protection during transport.

Disclaimer of Liability: Whilst proper care has been taken in the preparation of this document, no liability for injury or damage resulting from its use can be accepted. Safety is your responsibility.

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